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Bifurcation - Hydralab+ (2)

April 9th, 2018

As promised, an update on our progress in the Fast Flow Facility (although I did managed to post it on Friday, sorry!). Today I am in the lab on my own. Michele left on Friday and due to the low work load today, Kaspar could finally take a day off. As expected (see post of last Wednesday) we managed to start our first experiment on Thursday! Due to a few problems we did not start running as early as we hoped, but we tried to make up for it by staying in the lab until 22:00h. The first experiment has been running for about 10 hours now and the results so far look promising! The bifurcation experiment has a setup as follows: in the middle of the 4m wide fast flow facility a splitter plate is place to create two channels in the flume. In both channels we measure water levels and flow velocities. Additionally regular laser scans are made. In this first experiment we made a disturbance on the bed in one of the channels. We expect with the conditions we use now that the channel without the disturbance will start dominating over the other. We do not have any processed laser scans yet, but the velocity data is already starting to show this tendency! Because we want to be sure about the results, we decided to continue the experiment today to gather more data. So, that is my task for today, keep the experiment running. No sand shovelling, no calibration, no bed scan. Only running. Should be a relatively easy job ;).

Short 2 min video of the past few days.

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