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The Deep: Aquarium Hull (UK)

November 11th, 2020
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Humber estuary with Jana and Anne
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The Deep
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The Humber at sunset

Yesterday, me and my colleagues and friends Jana Cox and William McMahon visited a friend and former colleague of ours (Anne Baar) at the University of Hull, UK. We stayed with her for two days during which we visited the Energy and Environment institute where Will gave an excellent presentation on Ediacaran biota. After, we visited the Humber estuary and the aquarium!

I, Jana and Anne visited the aquarium while Will was still busy at the university. The Deep is a great place with not only sea animals, but it is also a museum of natural history. In addition, the University of Hull has experimental facilities in the same building, which Anne used to conduct research.

Because we are all Earth Scientists we obviously already knew most of the things presented in the museum, but the living sea animals were very impressive. Definitely more impressive than the sea animals in your average zoo. I don't think I have ever seen water tanks that were as big as in Hull.

Because we had so much fun, I made a short video showing some highlights of the aquarium. Apologies to the Dutch/Flemish for the music I used. It was too tempting.

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