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Settling in Pasadena

March 28th, 2020

As I mentioned in my previous post, my arrival in Pasadena California was different than I expected. The corona-crisis made it harder for me to get everything I needed. Especially in combination with my self-isolation required by the CDC.

During my first week, shops started closing permanently and people started panic-buying from supermarkets. Because of the high stress on delivery services, I could not get groceries delivered so I had to go out myself for the essentials. As more lock-down protocols were put in place, panic-buying increased and all mayor brand stores did not only not have toilet paper and pasta anymore, but also all other food was running out. Since I only had a bike, and not a car, I had to go to a few different stores a few times to get everything I needed for a week or two.

Target was basically completely empty the two times I went there. The only plus of the target was that they receive new toilet paper every day. If you are there within a half-hour of opening, it is often available. And off course I did not only need groceries but also kitchen equipment and more, which is available at target. I have also been to Ralphs, Vons and an Asian supermarket. Except for the Asian supermarket most shelves with dried goods, canned food, bread, dairy, soap, frozen items, toilet paper, paper towels, pasta, and rice were empty. In the end, I got most of my groceries from the 99ct store. For the dutch: this is basically an ACTION that also sells groceries.

At the moment I have everything I need to survive inside for a while. My two-week self-isolation is now technically over, but now, most of the state is closed and asked people to stay at home. So, I don't expect things to change much. At least I did not get sick from the plane and I feel less guilty if I have to go outside.

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