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Last PhD paper finally published

April 1th, 2023

My last PhD paper "Observed and modelled tidal bar sedimentology reveals preservation bias against mud in estuarine stratigraphy" was finally published in The Depositional Record. I started this study many years ago during my PhD and submitted it for publication at the end of 2018. In this paper, we discuss the spatial distribution, formative conditions and preservation of mud deposits in the intertidal zone of bars in high-energy sand-dominated estuaries, and attempt to elucidate the effects of mud on morphology, ecology and stratigraphic architecture.

Sadly the manuscript submitted in 2019 was rejected by the journal after two rounds of reviews (with encouragement to resubmit). Since I started a new job and because of my not so positive experience with the journal, I was not extremely motivated to resubmit. It was about year later when the results came up in conversations again, and I decided it was worth publishing somewhere else.

After substantial rewites, with help from my co-authors, the target audience of the manuscript had shifted more towards sedimentologist and geologist, rather than coastal modellers. Therefore, we decided to submit to the special issue (Mixed depositional processes in coastal to shelf environments) in The Depositional Record.

The paper was published online on the 7th of April 2022. Now, about a year later, the special issue has been officially published. Click on the DOI below to be directed to the open access article.

Braat, L., Pierik, H.J., van Dijk, W.M., van de Lageweg, W.I., Brückner, M.Z.M., van der Meulen, B., Kleinhans, M.G. (2023). Observed and modelled tidal bar sedimentology reveals preservation bias against mud in estuarine stratigraphy. The Depositional Record, 9:2:380-420. DOI: 10.1002/dep2.190.

The paper also includes a video abstract in the supplementary materials. Here is the direct link to the youtube version: Or find the video under the video tab of the website.

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