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PhD defence comming up

April 27th, 2019

In two weeks I will defend my thesis 'Morphodynamics and Sedimentology of Estuaries with Sand and Mud'. This is the last and final part of my PhD. I'm a bit sad that this part of my life will be over soon. I have greatly enjoyed working on my PhD research and it feels weird that am going to leave Utrecht University after so many years. Of course it is time to gain new experiences, knowledge and skills somewhere else, but I'm still going to miss this place where I've studied and worked since September 2009, when I started my Bachelor in Earth Sciences.

On the other hand, I'm also happy that this PhD research is now finished. I've learned a lot, but closing this subject feels like a great accomplishment. Receiving the copies of my theses was a real milestone for me. The thesis now contains three published chapters and a fourth chapter is still in review. The four (to be) published chapters are connected by an introduction and synthesis chapter.


  1. Introduction
  2. Effects of mud supply on large-scale estuary morphology and development over centuries to millennia
  3. Effects of estuarine mudflat formation on tidal prism and large-scale morphology in experiments
  4. Tidal bar accretion by mudflat sedimentation
  5. Controls on mud distribution and architecture along the fluvial-to-marine transition
  6. Synthesis

If you are interested in a copy or digital version of my thesis, please send me and email (

My PhD defence will be on the 10th of May in the academy building, Utrecht, at exactly 16:15. The defence is open for public.

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