Lisanne Braat

Postdoc | Geomorphologist | Video editting

5th Brunings Lecture

January 15th, 2020

The annual Christiaan Brunings Lecture is an annual event that brings together the scientists, practitioners, and managers of rivers and estuaries. Yesterday, the 5th Brunings Lecture took place and will probably also be the last event of this series. Many of the PhDs and Postdocs working on estuary related topics in the research group of Maarten Kleinhans are past/at or close to the end of their projects. To celebrate these past 5 successful years of estuarine research, during this last Brunings Lecture the research group presented their own work in a lively setup of very brief presentations connected in a greater storyline. In addition to the presentation, short videos were made. The videos are linked by various storylines and linked to scientific publications. These videos will give an overview of the work done at Utrecht University on estuaries and connected topics. We hope these videos will help inspire you to apply our insights into your work. Or just watch them for fun!

Watch it here:

I have been working on these videos for the past couple of months. It has been so much fun to work with everyone and to use the skills I used for my hobby in a professional setting. I would like to thank everybody for the positive comments on these videos! If you are reading this, and you want to make a video of your own research in the future, please contact me! I hope to combine my interests in research and outreach (by video) more often in the future!!

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