Lisanne Braat

Postdoc | Geomorphologist | Video editing


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Video abstracts

Video abstract of the paper: Observed and modelled tidal bar sedimentology reveals preservation bias against mud in estuarine stratigraphy.
Video abstract of the paper: Dynamics of salt intrusion in the Mekong Delta; results of field observations and integrated coastal-inland modelling.

Brunings Lecture videos

Video about my PhD work on mud in estuaries. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Maarten Kleinhans on creating scaled estuaries in the lab with the Metronome. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Muriel Brückner on biomorphological effects in esstuaries. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Anne Baar on the transverse bedlope effect on morhodynamics models. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Marcio Boechat Albernaz on the long-term evolution of estuaries in numerical models. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Danghan Xie on the hydromorphodynamics of coastal wetlands. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Steven Weisscher on raising and building land with estuaries. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Harm Jan Pierik on the development of the Dutch delta. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Jasper Leuven on channel and bar dynamics in estuaries. (Brunings Lecture video series)
William McMahon on the effect of ancient life on estuaries. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Jana Cox on the sediment budget of the Rhine-Meuse estuary. (Brunings Lecture video series)
Arya Iwantoro on the effect of tides on bifurcation in estuary and delta networks. (Brunings Lecture video series)

Pasadena / Los Angeles (non-work)

Drone video from my hike in Eaton Canyon during lockdown in Pasadena.
Drone video from visiting Brookside Park and Colorado Street Bridge during lockdown in Pasadena.
Drone video from my vist to Devil's Gate during lockdown in Pasadena.
Drone video from testing my new drone in Victory Park during lockdown in Pasadena.
Black lives matter protest + Pride in Hollowood during the Covid Pandemic.
Video about the birds and squirls in my street during during lockdown in Pasadena.
Cycling in through the neighbourhood Altadena in Pasadena during lockdow.
Empty supermarkets in Pasadena during Covid lockdown.
Clips from my flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles.

Experiments and models

A day at the Metronome tidal lab facility.
Hydralab+ project on bifurcation experiments with uni and bi-directional currents at HR Wallingford.
Overhead timelapse of estuary experiments with a litle mud mud, a lot of mud and only sand.
Overhead timelapse of estuary experiment with only sand.
Primary school students learning about tidal systems using a mini-metronome (tidal flume) at Terschelling that I helped set up.
Close up shot of mud simulant at the side of estuary experiment in the Metronome.
Close up shot of mud simulant on a tidal bar in the Metronome.
Numerical hydromorphological model with and without fluvial mud supply in Delft3D.
Numerical hydromorphological model indicating the deposition of fluvial mud in Delft3D.
One of the first time the Metronome tidal facility started moving.
Operational model of the region of fresh water influence (ROFI) near the sand engine.
Scaled debris flow experiments in the lab.
Scaled crater lake flooding experiments in the lab.

Conferences / Symposia

AGU 2018
AGU 2017 + Mississippi tour
NCR 2017
Young Women of Geosciences (YWOG) Symposium


Visit to the Deep (aquarium Hull, UK) when visiting Anne.
Fieldwork Walsoorden in the Western Scheldt, NL.
PhD-day excursion I co-organised to the Noordwest Natuurkern and blowkarting in the afternoon.
Overview of Fieldwork in France in 2016 where I was one of the supervisors.
PhD summary of Ella Braat on sound in open plan study environments. I produced this video.

Mars / Earth